Global Trade Solutions

Carabam is a global solution to meat sourcing, connecting our partner suppliers to a worldwide network of distributors. We are experts in the meat industry, providing your business with protein from poultry, pork, beef and fish.

Global Reach

Our suppliers and clients are located across the globe. Hence, Carabam has the expertise to give you a competitive advantage from anywhere you are located.


We maintain a close relationship with our partners around the world. In doing so, we have a unique insight into these markets and their unique regulations. We conduct customized logistics, ensuring that your business gets what it needs when and where you want anywhere in the world.

Market Knowledge

We are experts in the industry conducting business in every corner of the world. Hence, we know what it takes to build a market and increase profitability while providing products that perform well in your area.

The Best the World has to offer

We scour the world for the best prices and ethically sourced meats that meet your clients' needs. In addition, we ensure that the meat plants we source from are in regulation with current health guidelines. Our partners, suppliers, and distributors trust Carabammeats unrivalled efficiency to increase their profitability in the meat market. As a result, Carabam is your one-stop shop for everything meat.

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What we do

We aim to make your business thrive. With 24/7 customer service, we are committed to our client's success as we ensure they get the quality products they want when they want them anywhere in the world.
That's the Carabam promise.

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The Best At The Dinner Table
We believe in quality and efficiency. But what we believe in the most are the people, from the employees that ensure Carabam's quality standard to the families getting together around delicious cuts of meats to the businesses that make moments like this happen
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